Rules & Regulations:

    1. Participants must be at least 12 years old and can join any category 
    2. Participants compete in the event on their own responsibility
    3. Only those who have officially registered and are wearing their designated racing bibs and run t-shirts can take part in the event
    4. Roller-skates, inline skates, bikes and wheeled contraptions of any kind are not allowed on the course. If you are seen using any of these, you will be directed off of the route
    5. Slower runners are advised to pick spots in the back before starting the race to avoid being bumped into
    6. Participants may not exchange bib numbers. Offenders risk disqualification from the race
    7. A limited number of lockers will be available for runners. The organizers will not be held responsible for any lost valuables
    8. The decisions of the Event Director, Event Referee and/or Organizing Committee in all matters are final
    9. Photography is strictly prohibited outside dedicated areas


    1. The park is dedicated for ladies only. However, it is located in a residential area and complete privacy cannot be guaranteed
    2. Ambulance vehicles will be available for emergencies
    3. Food and beverages are available for sale in the venue
    4. Water stations will be available along the running track
    5. Limited parking spots are available all around the park, carpooling is recommended
    6. Distances may not be 100% accurate