Assistant Teacher (Female)

Job Category
Collage Talent Center
Job Description

- Arrange daily and weekly activities and workshops in proper Arabic and English, and teach colors, letters, numbers, shapes, basic etiquette, healthy social interaction and morals.

- Ensure the hygiene, safety and well-being of each child

- Maintain high performance and the best quality of customer service by building a communication channel with parents

- Help students to improve their social skills and better communicate with their classmates, teachers, and family

- Identify and report health issues, risks, accidents, incidents, injuries or property damage at the workplace

- Update the clients about the children’s development and improvement through a meeting or a phone call

- Prepare the meals for each child following the safety and hygienic rules

- Prepare children’s subject files to be sent home by the end of the week

- Supervise the field trips and other special events when required

- Manage children’s behavior at all times

- Work with the team in a professional manner

Job Requirments

- Arabic speaking teacher with a minimum of 1 - 2 years of relevant experience, able to organize activities for children in both the Arabic and English languages and teach about:

    - Colors

    - Letters

    - Numbers

    - Shapes

    - Basic etiquette

    - Healthy social interactions and morals