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More Benefits, More Fitness

Great news to all our Fitness lovers! Register in our Olympic Pool membership and get up to 20% off on our Fitness 180º Center memberships.

Register for:

- 1 month Olympic Pool membership and get 2 free day access at Fitness 180º Center

- 3 months Olympic Pool membership and get 3 free day access at Fitness 180º Center

- 6 months Olympic Pool membership and get 6 free day access at Fitness 180º Center

- 12 months Olympic Pool membership and get 12 free day access at Fitness 180º Center


Our Digital Calendar

Download our Digital Agenda, where you can plan ahead for your weekly and daily tasks, goals and enjoy the monthly puzzles!

Traditional Hammam is Back!

Our Traditional Hammam is back and more glamorous than ever! Used for hundreds of years to deeply cleanse skin and boost blood circulation whilst promoting healing and hydration. It’s a sure-fire way to rid your body of dead, dull skin and restore your natural gorgeous glow from top to toe.

Book your pampering session and enjoy one of the exclusive experiences:

- Bride to be Hammam: 120 minutes for AED595

- Dalouk Luxury Hammam - 90 minutes for AED500

- Dalouk Ritual Hammam - 60 minutes for AED350

Gooey Goodness

Yes, I’ll have s’more please! Our latest menu addition at Collage Café is the ultimate ooey gooey treat for a lazy afternoon! The combination of handmade marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between 2 biscuits will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth!

Our S’mores box could also be the perfect addition during winter nights and for only AED80!

More Fitness, Lower Prices

As always, we are back with another month of attractive fitness offers! Enjoy the below memberships during April:

- Platinum membership for AED3,500 instead of AED4,265

Offer valid starting 1st of Ramadan

Ramadan Craft Competition

Feeling creative enough to win? This is your chance to shine by participating in our Ramadan Craft Competition! Create your desired DYI Ramadan themed crafts to win vouchers worth up to AED500 from Collage Talent Center!

Artwork submission date: 1st to 7th May, 2021

Unique Art Form

Arabic calligraphy is one of the most fluid and unique art forms! Let’s learn it together so you can add more to your skill list!

- Children: 6 classes – AED450
- Adults: 6 Classes – AED650
- Private: 6 Classes – AED1,000

- 5:00PM – 6:00PM (5 – 11 years)
- 6:30PM – 8:30PM (12+ years)

Ramadan Home Cookies

Let’s welcome the holy month together with Ramadan’s Home Box. Order the perfect gift for your children from Collage Café and spend a fun time together adding Ramadan themed decorations to delicious cookies!

- Fees: AED 60

- Please order 1 day in advance

Perfume Passion

Looking for an instant mood lifting activity? Our perfume crafting workshop during April is the perfectly engaging multi-sensory experience which will help you learn the basics of crafting and mixing your own, unique fragrances!

- Ages: 8 - 18 years

For the Love of Cooking

Explore your cooking skills with our Ramadan Cook Along program and learn how to prepare a variety of flavor rich dishes and light snacks every Saturday and Wednesday during Ramadan!

- Time: 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm
- Ages: 16+ years
- Fees:
    - 1 class: AED250
    - 4 classes: AED850

Mother-Daughter Time

Spend quality time with your daughter by trying the skill of pottery at our fun workshop to learn how to create a cup from clay, a piece that will hold a special memory for yourself and your daughter!

- Date: 10th May, 2021
- Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00pm
- Fees: AED 200 (includes mom and daughter)
- Age: 10+ years

Livelier Meetings!

We believe that any meeting should include 2 elements, a peaceful scenery and delicious food! Book your next meeting with us and choose from our business lunch menus at Lafeef Restaurant or Collage Café!

Fresh, Flavorful Mocktails

Satisfy your thirst after a long day of fasting with our new signature Ramadan Mocktails from Collage Café and Lafeef Restaurant! Enjoy fresh flavors like Espresso Dates Smoothie, Oriental Milkshake, Hibiscus Iced Tea, Rose Falooda and Rose Pink Lemonade.

An Appetizing Ramadan Box

Be fully prepared for the holy month by serving a delicious assortment of food from Lafeef Ramadan box which includes Frozen items like samosa, spring rolls and kibbeh and Mezza and salads such as vine leaves, Mutabbal and Fatoush

- Please order 2 days ahead

New Ramadan Flavors!

Try our soft and fresh array of Collage braided bread with the new Ramadan flavors like Pistachio, Chocolate Ganache with Pecan nuts and Cinnamon Crumble, Nutella Pistachio, Cheddar Cheese with Thyme & Chives, Nutella with Hazelnut and Cinnamon Crumble, Akkawi Cheese with Olives and Black Seeds, Plain Zaatar, Zaatar with Akkawi Cheese,  Toasted Garlic with Fresh Herbs

- Available as pre-baked or “take and bake”
- Please order 5 hours in advance

Memorable Moments

Whether you are planning for an indoor or outdoor occasion, we will make sure to prepare the perfect setting with all your desired details while considering the necessary precautionary measures! Create unforgettable memories at Kunooz halls or beach terrace in the beautiful weather which will be ready with your imagined setup, small delectable bites and variety of cuisines.

Book now for your next occasion!

Catering at its Finest

We got you covered for Ramadan’s family iftar and suhoor! Savor the flavors of iftar with our buffet home delivery service which includes a delightful range of appetizers, main courses and desserts or by tasting our impeccable assortment of the finest canapes and sandwiches from our latest Kunooz suhoor boxes!

Order now from Kunooz Events and Catering!

Download Our Smartphone Application

Our new Smartphone Application is now available for download from Apple Store or Google Store.

Download it and enjoy ease of access to all our facilities, products, services, upcoming events and more!

Take a Break from Cooking!

Sometimes you need a break from the hustle of preparing food during Ramadan! Our Lafeef Ramadan À la carte and set menus include countless savory or sweet items that you desire such as creamy Mushroom Soup, zesty Tabbouleh, rich Chicken Penne Alfredo and hearty Um Ali for dessert!

Ramadan Creative Program

Encourage your child to reduce their screen time by enrolling them in our Ramadan Creative Program - our diverse art program which features drawing, painting using acrylics and pastels, clay modeling, arts and crafts.

- Fees:
    - 1 Session: AED120
    - 6 Sessions: AED550

- Ages: 5 – 11 years

Siblings get 10% off!

Monday Funday

Make Mondays special with our exciting activities for adults and children!

Childrens' Activities include Baking, Arts and Crafts at Collage Talent Center

- Time: 4PM – 8PM

- Age: 4+ years

- Children's meals from Collage Café for AED25

Mothers' & Adults' can enjoy Freestyle painting at Collage Cafe

- Time: 8AM – 9PM
- Fees: AED25
- 15% discount at Collage Café

Fast Delivery, Tasty Dishes!

Whether you crave healthy vegan options, indulgent sweets or refreshing drinks, we will deliver it all to your door step right away! You can now order your favorite dish from Lafeef Restaurant, Collage Café and Skate Café through Talabat App!

Soup so Good

Not only is it a classic, but one of the most ideal comfort foods! Our French onion soup at Lafeef Restaurant if full of the richest, buttery caramelized onions complimented with fresh, crunchy croutons which will leave your taste buds craving for more!

Fashion Classes

Discover your inner creativity and talent with our Fashion Classes held by Fashion designer Zahra Salmeh and learn how to draw, design, and create glamorous clothing and stylish accessories!

- Date: Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday starting April
- Time: 9AM - 11AM
- Fees: AED 1,500
- Ages: 15+ years

The Skin you Desire

Do you want glowy, soft and healthy skin? Look no further for the perfect treatment! Try our Inhibit Face Lift, a holistic skin experience which will add glow, instantly tighten and lift, hydrate, correct expression lines and soften your skin texture and renew its complexion!

Book your pampering session now and get:

- A complimentary 15 minute V-Neck treatment

- Natura Bisse inhibit patches when booking your inhibit package

Don't forget to enjoy your complimentary 30 minutes session in our award winning Thalassotherapy Pool!

Velvety Skin Feel

Savor the freshness of traditional oud rituals with our oud spa manicure and pedicure from Morjana.

Try this treatment for unmatched softness and comfort after a busy day and for AED200 only!

Now on Talabat!

Your favorite dishes from Lafeef Restaurant, Collage Café and Skate Café are now available on Talabat application!

Enjoy your meal without a worry as we have considered all the required precautionary measures!

Rainbowls from Collage Cafè

Pick your favorite flavor of guilt free bowls from Collage Café variety of healthy smoothies made of 100% natural ingredients, that are high in protein, gluten and Dairy free.

Choose from: 

- Roseberry

- P.B. Salted Caramel

- Mint Choco Chip

- Oreo Twist (the guilty bowl)

A Wonder to the Taste Buds

Slightly sweet, 100% creamy, delicious! Try our Pink Pitaya Bowl and Smoothie from Collage Café’s beach menu, delivered right to your sunbed!

Benefits of Pitaya fruit:

- Rich in magnesium which helps increase energy
- High in fiber
- Good source of iron
- Rich in antioxidants
- Rich in vitamin B2
- Contains vitamin C

No More Achy Leg Muscles!

Need a quick fix treatment for tired, achy legs and cellulite issues? Cryo Cellulite Treatment is here to the rescue you during the month of April as it helps to soothe achy leg muscles while contouring the silhouette. It also stimulates microcirculation and the lymphatic system to smoothen and tighten the skin as well as improve the appearance of cellulite.

Book your pampering session now and get a complimentary:
- CRYO face treatment for 15 minutes
- Additional session when buying 4 sessions

Don't forget to enjoy your complimentary 30 minutes session in our award winning Thalassotherapy Pool!