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Weekdays = Duty, Weekends = Relaxation

  • 20% discount on all services of Club facilities
  • Unlimited usage of machines, sauna and steam room
  • 12 Aerobic classes monthly
  • Unlimited access to Beach, Leisure pool and outdoor children’s pool
  • Unlimited access to Ice-skating rink
  • Unlimited access to outdoor Tennis Court (Tennis rackets fees AED30)
  • 20% discount on Collage Talent Centre services:
    • Library memberships
    • Collage salon
    • Tiny Talents Afternoon program
    • Birthday parties

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Floating Chair Service Launch

Your relaxation matters to us. Our latest Floating Chair Service will be the perfect companion for convenience as it provides easier access to our beach for people with disabilities, the elderly and pregnant women!

New Floating Chair Features:

- Comfortable and stable
- Non-allergenic
- UV resistant
- Water-resistant
- Ventilated for quick drying

Nothing can stop you from having a great time at the beach, see you under the sunrays!

Delicious Ice cream


Creamy, refreshing and delicious. Order from Collage TukTuk to enjoy gluten free and low sugar ice cream options, and visit us at our beach terrace to discover this month’s flavor!

Younger Looking Skin

Lift, Firm and Tighten mature skin with the Diamond Non-Surgical Lift Facial, an intensive, antioxidant treatment that targets the signs of aging and offers the below benefits:

- Stimulates collagen production
- Minimizes fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation
- Hydrates, nourishes and relaxes the skin

Book your pampering session now!

Your Favorite Food at your Doorstep!

Order whatever you crave to your doorstep through Talabat from Lafeef Restaurant, Skate Café or Collage Café! We alot of delicious options if you’re following a certain dietary plan including vegan, vegetarian, healthy or dairy free dishes and drinks!

Mandala Art

Get hooked on a distinctive painting style called Mandala Art, which immerses you in a world of creating wonderful artworks. This art form is known for its repetitive patterns in concentric shapes, (circles, triangles, squares, etc.), is recognized for its deep spiritual meaning and representation of wholeness. It also helps with conveying feelings, reducing stress while inducing calmness.

Enroll now at Collage Talent Center!

AED 350 - 6 classes (1 hour per class)
AED 600 - 6 classes (2 hours per class)

A World of Colors

Painting an artwork feels different when you know how much your skills have improved! Sign up your daughters in our Drawing and Painting classes to help them develop their creativity and artistic talents.

Days: Every Sunday 

Time: 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Fees: AED650

Age: 12 - 17 years

Oriental Softness Hand and Feet Luxury

Sit back and indulge in a delightful hand and feet treatment, and enjoy a cinnamon-orange scrub and shea buttercream that will leave your skin super soft and velvety while removing dead skin for only AED199!

Refreshing Summer Drinks

Cool off with Collage Café refreshing drinks :tropical_drink: Perfect for those hot summer days!


Pick your favorite flavor of guilt free bowls from a variety of healthy smoothies like:

- Roseberry

- P.B. Salted Caramel

- Mint Choco Chip

- Oreo Twist

Choco Bomb Hot Chocolate

Catch up with your friend over a warm cup of hot chocolate and marshmallow, the perfect combination for all chocolate lovers!

The Choco Bomb Hot Chocolate from Collage Café and Lafeef restaurant is the perfect guilty pleasure drink to enjoy at our fascinating beach view or from the comfort of your home.

Our Choco Bombs can also make a great gift for your loved ones!

Monday Fun Day

Spend a fun time with your little one on Mondays with our exciting list of activities. Check out the below details:

- Kids Activities: Baking, Arts and Crafts at @collage_slc
- Time: 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
- Age: 4+ years
- Kid’s meal from Collage Café for AED 25

- Mom’s & Adults activities: Freestyle painting at Collage Cafe

- Time: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm

- Fees: AED 25
- 15% discount at Collage Café

Lafeef Picnic Box

Enjoy your weekend’s outing with your loved ones and try our new barbeque and pasta boxes from Lafeef Restaurant which includes all types of meats, different types of pastas, salads, side dishes and more.

*Order yours now 2 days prior to your journey

Lafeef Winter Menu

Did you know that Lafeef Restaurant supports local farms by buying fresh seasonal ingredients from them?

Visit us and order your favorite from a variety of dishes like:

- Ash-e-reshteh soup

- Kale and Quinoa Salad with Avocado

- Eggplant Roll Bolognaise 
- Greek Shrimp 

- Beetroot Feta Sando 
- Mixed Berry Cobbler Cajun spice curly corn riblet

See you soon!

The Best Fitness Smoothies

Recharge your body with energy and the nutrients it requires with Fitness Café’s healthy and fresh protein smoothies! Choose from the below latest range of delicious smoothie flavors:

-  A Whole Matcha Goodness Smoothie
- Berry Delightful Smoothie
- Mochalicious Smoothie
- Raspberry Pie Smoothie
- Skinny Peanut Butter Smoothie

Don’t miss out on trying our full range of smoothies which are are in line with World Diabetes Day and are ideal for a diabetic diet.

Learn Arabic with us!

Instill the love of Arabic language in your children with our Fun Arabic Program! 

Ages: 4 – 7 years

Taste the Elegance

Let us bring luxury to your private setting with a superior buffet dining experience and banqueting service to commemorate all your special occasions. Book for a special buffet catering service from Kunooz Events and Catering now!

Table Manners Etiquette

Whether you’re eating at home or dining out, teaching children good table manners is an important part of every meal as it helps them develop their social interaction skills. Enroll your little ones in our Table Manners Etiquette classes which will include the below topics:

- How to sit and act at the table
- Napkin etiquette
- How to set up the table
- How to use knives and forks
- Eating challenging meals
- How to act at the table in different occasions
- Managing mishaps
- How to leave the table tactfully

Ages: 6 – 14 years

A Box of Joy

Add a unique touch to times spent with friends at home with our Kunooz Boxes, which include a delicious assortment of savory and sweet canapés in addition to tiny mini-sandwiches, which are big on flavor! Order your package of happiness now!

More Benefits, More Fitness

Great news to all our Fitness lovers! Register in our Olympic Pool membership and get up to 20% off on our Fitness 180º Center memberships.

Register for:

- 1 month Olympic Pool membership and get 2 free day access at Fitness 180º Center

- 3 months Olympic Pool membership and get 3 free day access at Fitness 180º Center

- 6 months Olympic Pool membership and get 6 free day access at Fitness 180º Center

- 12 months Olympic Pool membership and get 12 free day access at Fitness 180º Center


Our Digital Calendar

Download our Digital Agenda, where you can plan ahead for your weekly and daily tasks, goals and enjoy the monthly puzzles!

Exclusive at SLC!

Have you tried the Eda Taspinar Bronzing Bomb at our beach? It is the perfect choice for achieving your desired sun kissed glow while adding softness and renewing your skin! It has many amazing qualities:

- Leaves an intense, long lasting, golden tan thanks to the Eda Taspinar's natural bronzing formula
- Includes anti-aging supplements including Vitamin A and vitamin E combined with argan oil
- Provides a dazzling cacao and coconut signature fragrance
- Paraben free formula

Get yours now!

As Light as a Butterfly

Did you know that ballet moves engage the entire body because posture and form are central to its techniques? Enroll your little girl in our ballet classes which will definitely improve her body flexibility, strengthen her muscles, increase her discipline, develop her self confidence and enhance her creativity!

Fun and Learning

Tiny Talents Program is the perfect place to prepare your little one for school, educational and recreational activities, within an entertaining social environment. Register now at Collage Talent Center and get 20% off if you’re a club member!

- Time: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
- Fees: AED 530 per week
- AED 1990 per month
- Age: 3-4 and half years

Nutritious and Refreshing

Recharge your body before a workout or replenish your muscles afterward with a healthy, fresh protein smoothie from Fitness Café! 

Healthy, Refreshing Flavors

Don’t miss out on trying our summer flavor featuring the special Pineapple and Mint Rainbowl from Collage Café. Order yours as a pre or post workout for a healthy treat!

Pineapple benefits:

- Lowers blood sugar levels
- Improves digestion
- Improves heart health

Summer Glow

Get a flawless sun kissed summer look with our new service naked tan organic airbrush tanning, a natural sunless tan for the ‘modern woman’ with a busy lifestyle. Naked Tan believes in inspiring women to feel and look great inside and out, and empowering them with the confidence and beauty that is within. This product is:

- Free of chemicals
- Made from natural ingredients
- Vegan friendly
- Cruelty free

Book your sunkissed session today!

Henna by Azra

Designed to make you feel good. Try our newly introduced Henna by Azra which is a locally made, completely natural, non-toxic formula that adds a special touch to your hand at Orchid or from the comfort of your own home.

Fresh and Rejuvenated Skin

What is Cryotherapy? It literally means “cold therapy,” and it is a technique where the body is exposed to cold airflow temperature. This treatment stimulates microcirculation and the lymphatic system. It has extraordinary benefits to the body such as:

- Improves the appearance of cellulite
- Helps to ease and soothe tired legs and achy muscles
- Smoothens, evens and tightens skin
- Contours the silhouette

Don't forget to enjoy your complimentary 30 minutes session in our award winning Thalassotherapy Pool!

A Perfect Bite at the Beach

Make your day at our beach more delightful with delicious drinks and snacks! Ask about our beach menu from Collage Café and choose from the tasty options we serve like:

- Watermelon boat
- Smoothie bowls
- Chicken tortilla avocado wrap
- Jalapeno Loaded Fries
and more!

Shiny and Smooth Hair

Take good care of your hair with our Hair Oil Treatment at Collage Salon that uses a new range of exquisite oils. This treatment will provide the below benefits:

- Hair softness
- Protects against hair loss
- Repairs damaged hair
- Gets rid of dandruff

Book your hair pampering session now!

Fluffy, Flavorful Bread

Soft, fluffy, and fresh from the oven! Try our Braided Bread at Collage Café and choose from the many different delicious flavors:

- Pistachio
- Chocolate Ganache with Pecan nuts and Cinnamon Crumble
- Nutella Pistachio
- Cheddar Cheese with Thyme & Chives
- Nutella with Hazelnut and Cinnamon Crumble
- Akkawi Cheese with Olives and Black Seeds
- Zaatar
- Zaatar with Akkawi Cheese
- Toasted Garlic with Fresh Herbs

- Available as pre-baked or “take and bake”
- Please order 5 hours in advance

Memorable Moments

Occasion season is more glamorous when held outdoors, especially that the weather is getting better! Celebrate birthdays, bridal showers or BBQ dinners with your loved ones and leave all the preparation details and catering on Kunooz Events and Catering.

Catering at your Home Comfort

Let us bring luxury to the privacy of your home with a range of fine banqueting services to commemorate all your special occasions. Book with us now for exquisite catering services that exceed all your home catering needs!

Sharjah Ladies Club Mobile Applicatioh

Don’t miss moments of fun and relaxation at Sharjah Ladies Club with our handy app!

The Sharjah Ladies Club app gives you the chance to register in exciting new social events and purchase products from Dalouk Wellness Spa, Orchid Beauty Boutique and Collage Retails Store, which will be delivered them to your doorstep!

Softer, Refreshed Skin

Treat your feet with FootlogixPediceuticals, which will help exfoliate, soften, refresh and relax your feet after a long day! The foot reflexology and massage in this treatment will help release aches pains and improve circulation. You will surely say “I LOVE MY FEET! After this experience!

Price: AED190

Book your pampering session now!

Korean Mini Cakes

A sweet tooth calls for a sweet, freshly baked Korean mini cake! Choose your favorite flavor from Collage Café’s variety of simple and elegant designs and have it with a warm cup of tea or coffee! You can now order our Korean Mini Cakes from Talabat!

- Chocolate
- Vanilla
- Vanilla mixed berry
- Red velvet
- Carrot
- Saffron
- Rose

We Are Back!

We are ready to welcome you and serve you with the best treatments!

See you soon!

Lunch at Lafeef

Invite your friends for a fulfilling lunch at Lafeef Restaurant’s buffet every Thursday and satisfy your cravings with mouthwatering combination of flavors, wide selection of dishes from different cuisines and hearty desserts. 

Timing: 12:30pm - 4:00pm
Price: Adults: AED115 / Children: AED65

Speak French like a Native!

This October we will be holding fun-filled French classes for children aged 5 and above, giving your little ones the chance to learn a new language and make friends! These 8 sessions will be held on Saturdays and Thursdays, between 5pm and 6:30pm, and the full course is for AED1,000 only.

Summer Skin Radiance

Farewell to dehydrated, dull skin caused by the summer heat! Try our Meso Infusion Hydration Facial which is a comprehensive, multi-faceted hydration treatment that uses a powerful Hyaluronic Acid infused formula to plump areas of volume loss, while our Essence immerses skin in moisturizing actives. This treatment:

- Adds glow
- Contours the skin
- Reinvigorates, refreshes and hydrates dry skin
- Provides firmness and elasticity

Get a complimentary deep cleansing session when buying a course of 3 Meso Infusion sessions

Don't forget to enjoy your complimentary 30 minutes session in our award winning Thalassotherapy Pool!

Craft your Brand

Improve your career journey with our Craft your Brand course that will provide valuable information on how to land your dream job, get a promotion, get back into the job market and answer challenging interview questions.

Sign up now!
Fees: AED 500

Your Favorite Dishes at your Doorstep!

Order whatever you crave to your doorstep through Talabat from Lafeef Restaurant, Skate Café or Collage Café! We also have all the options if you’re following a certain dietary plan including vegan, vegetarian, healthy or dairy free dishes and drinks!

The Perfect Hair Color

Did you know that metal exists in the hair, which creates both a risk of breakage and negatively impacts color results? Today L’Oréal Professionnel found a solution for these risks! Try the Metal Detox pre-treatment, the perfect preparation before any colour service that helps neutralize excess copper inside the hair fiber and protect it before colour, balayage or lightening services. Because the formula penetrates the fiber, the colour result is even and hair is intensely shiny. It helps with:

- 87% less breakage risk
- 100% reliable color result
- Shinier hair

Get a complimentary Metal Detox Pretreatment when booking a full color or balayage or lightening services!

Kids Can Keep Fit with Our Special Yoga Classes

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise for children, and we’re running special kids’ yoga classes this October! There will be separate groups for those aged 3-7 and aged 8 and above, giving your children the chance to train their bodies and minds. Classes run every Saturday and Wednesday between 4pm and 4:30PM or 6:15PM and 6:45PM, costing AED900 for group sessions or AED 1,560 for private tuition.

Great News!

Don’t miss the chance of getting 20% off on our 6 months or 1 year club memberships if you hold any of the below cards:

- Esaad
- Saada
- Waffer
- Fazaa

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