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Friday Specials

Fitness 180º: 

- Enjoy complimentary gym access for one friend in celebration of International Friendship Day!

- Enjoy up to 25% off on fitness memberships for the first 5 existing clients and much more exclusively on 16th of July

Sports Complex:

- Enjoy complimentary services when buying the beach access daily pass ticket and booking the tennis court

- Enjoy exclusive discounts when buying ice-skating tickets between 8AM and 12PM

- Enjoy up to 25% off on 1 year and 6 months memberships

Dalouk wellness Spa:

- Enjoy up to 35% off on selected services in addition to complimentary services

Collage Talent Center:

- Enjoy 15% off on all hair treatments

*Please call for bookings and inquiries

*Terms and conditions apply

Lafeef Buffet

Lafeef Lunch Buffet is finally back! Join us starting July 8th and every Thursday with your loved ones for a fulfilling lunch matched with the magical beach scenery at Lafeef Restaurant!

Timing: 12:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Adults: AED 115

Children: AED 65

To all Frontline Heroes


- Orchid Beauty Boutique: 15% off on all services

- Dalouk Wellness Spa: 15% off on all services

- Lafeef Restaurant: 15% off on all orders

- Collage Café: 15% off on all orders

- Kunooz Events and Catering: 15% off on all orders
- Collage Talent Center: 15% off on library membership and Salon services\

- Club Membership: 15% off on 1 year and 6 months memberships

- Fitness 180° Center: 10% off on 1 year and 6 months memberships

- Sport Complex: 15% off on 1 year and 6 months Olympic pool memberships

- Sport Complex Facilities: 15% off on Daily pass tickets for Leisure pool, Beach and Ice-skating  

Freshly Baked

Celebrate your daughter’s school or university graduation with a special cake made by our talented chefs at Collage Café and enjoy a 15% discount on your next order!

To guarantee the best quality, please order in advance!

Summer Fest

We are ready to welcome summer 2021! Start off summer season the right way by joining our fun summer vibes combining the golden sun-ray, soft sand and refreshing water at our beach while enjoying the below activities:

- Daily pass to the beach
- Children activities
- Refreshing drinks
- New skin and tanning products
- Access to paddle boarding and kayaking and more!

June Specials

Fill your day with joy and leisure along with your loved ones with June specials:

- Buy 3 ice rink daily pass tickets for the price of 2 tickets

- Enjoy 20% off when spending AED 200 in Collage Salon 


Offers valid till 30th, June 2021

Learn Arabic with us!

Instill the love of Arabic language in your children with our Fun Arabic Program! 

Ages: 4 – 7 years

Smartly Fun Program

Learning Math, Science and English can be creative and entertaining with our Smartly Fun School Program! Register your child to enjoy multiple experiments and craft activities every Saturday and Wednesday from 4:30PM - 5:30PM.

Ages: 4 – 7 years

Kunooz Boxes

Try out Kunooz Boxes which include a delectable variety of canapes and sandwiches to satisfy all cravings!

Order now from Kunooz Events and Catering

More Benefits, More Fitness

Great news to all our Fitness lovers! Register in our Olympic Pool membership and get up to 20% off on our Fitness 180º Center memberships.

Register for:

- 1 month Olympic Pool membership and get 2 free day access at Fitness 180º Center

- 3 months Olympic Pool membership and get 3 free day access at Fitness 180º Center

- 6 months Olympic Pool membership and get 6 free day access at Fitness 180º Center

- 12 months Olympic Pool membership and get 12 free day access at Fitness 180º Center


Our Digital Calendar

Download our Digital Agenda, where you can plan ahead for your weekly and daily tasks, goals and enjoy the monthly puzzles!

Traditional Hammam is Back!

Our Traditional Hammam is back and more glamorous than ever! Used for hundreds of years to deeply cleanse skin and boost blood circulation whilst promoting healing and hydration. It’s a sure-fire way to rid your body of dead, dull skin and restore your natural gorgeous glow from top to toe.

Book your pampering session and enjoy one of the exclusive experiences:

- Bride to be Hammam: 120 minutes for AED595

- Dalouk Luxury Hammam - 90 minutes for AED500

- Dalouk Ritual Hammam - 60 minutes for AED350

Exclusive at SLC!

Our latest addition to our bronzing products is the Eda Taspinar Bronzing Bomb. The perfect choice for achieving your desired sun kissed glow and adding softness and renewal to your skin!

Why Eda Taspinar?

- Leaves an intense, long lasting, golden tan thanks to the Eda Taspinar's natural bronzing formula
- Includes anti-aging supplements including Vitamin A and vitamin E combined with argan oil
- Provides a dazzling cacao and coconut signature fragrance
- Paraben free formula

Get yours now from our beach!

As Light as a Butterfly

Did you know that ballet moves engage the entire body because posture and form are central to its techniques? Enroll your little girl in our ballet classes which will definitely improve her body flexibility, strengthen her muscles, increase her discipline, develop her self confidence and enhance her creativity!

Mandala Art

Recognized for its deep spiritual meaning and representation of wholeness, helps with expressing feelings, reducing stress while inducing calmness; Mandala is characterized by repetitive patterns in concentric shapes, (circles, triangles, squares, etc) and means "circle" or "completion" and it has an ancient history of its own. It is an unconventional painting style that can create jaw-dropping beautiful works!

Enroll your child now!

- Ages: 9 - 14 years
- Fees:
    - AED350/ 6 classes (1 hour each)
    - AED600/ 6 classes (2 hours each)

New Flavor Alert

If you haven’t tried our Raindbowls yet, you might be missing out. Our new Pineapple Mint flavor though could be your trigger for trying this delicious, creamy goodness! Order yours as a pre or post workout or just a healthy treat!

Handmade Art

What is Crochet? It is the process of creating textiles using a crochet hook to knot loops of yarn or other materials. Pick up this new hobby or expand your existing crochet and embroidery skills with our Crochet classes. Nothing feels more rewarding than creating your own art pieces!

- Ages: 12+ years
- Fees: AED550/ 6 classes

New at Orchid

Designed to make you feel good. Try our newly introduced Henna by Azra which is a locally made, completely natural, non-toxic formula that adds a special touch to your hand at Orchid or from the comfort of your own home.

Enjoyable Meetings!

We believe that any meeting should include 2 elements, a peaceful scenery and delicious food! Book your next meeting with us and choose from our business lunch menus at Lafeef Restaurant or Collage Café!

Healthy Hair, Healthier Environment

Bringing you the source of a simple but effective, natural beauty product.

Try Source Essential Hair Treatment by L’Oreal in celebration of World Environment Day which is good for your hair and better for the environment. This treatment provides enveloping deep care for an intense nourishment that will transform your hair into a silkier, more flexible and shinier look.

Book your treatment for a summer price of only AED100.

Awesome Designs!

If your daughter is fascinated by baked designs and the touch of uniqueness added to themed cakes, then our cake decorating classes are the perfect way for her to learn the fundamental skills and knowledge of cake design using fillings, icing, piping bags and more to achieve the desired theme!

- Time: Every Saturday, 1PM – 4PM
- Fees: AED300/ 1 class
- Ages: 7 - 17 years

New Amazing Flavors!

Try our soft and fresh array of Collage braided bread with the new amazing flavors like Pistachio, Chocolate Ganache with Pecan nuts and Cinnamon Crumble, Nutella Pistachio, Cheddar Cheese with Thyme & Chives, Nutella with Hazelnut and Cinnamon Crumble, Akkawi Cheese with Olives and Black Seeds, Plain Zaatar, Zaatar with Akkawi Cheese,  Toasted Garlic with Fresh Herbs

- Available as pre-baked or “take and bake”
- Please order 5 hours in advance

Memorable Moments

Whether you are planning for an indoor or outdoor occasion, we will make sure to prepare the perfect setting with all your desired details while considering the necessary precautionary measures! Create unforgettable memories at Kunooz halls or beach terrace in the beautiful weather which will be ready with your imagined setup, small delectable bites and variety of cuisines.

Book now for your next occasion!

Catering at its Finest

We got you covered for Ramadan’s family iftar and suhoor! Savor the flavors of iftar with our buffet home delivery service which includes a delightful range of appetizers, main courses and desserts or by tasting our impeccable assortment of the finest canapes and sandwiches from our latest Kunooz suhoor boxes!

Order now from Kunooz Events and Catering!

Download Our Smartphone Application

Our new Smartphone Application is now available for download from Apple Store or Google Store.

Download it and enjoy ease of access to all our facilities, products, services, upcoming events and more!

Fancy Nails

It is time to finally give your nails a perfect summer 2021 spin! Take your manicure to the next level by adding a nail art design to give a fun edge to your well-defined manicured nails! Book now and ask for the stunning nail colors and nail art for summer 2021!

Delight in every Bite

If cakes are one of your favorite desserts, then our freshly baked and fluffy variety from Collage Cafe will definitely become your go to sweet treat during family tea-time! Enjoy flavors like Chocolate, Vanilla, Vanilla mixed berry, Red velvet, Carrot, Saffron and Rose.

New Summer Dishes

Let’s welcome summer with new flavors and dishes from Lafeef Summer Seasonal Menu including:

- Cajun Chicken Salad
- Cauliflower Bruschetta
- Grilled Beef Medallion
- De La Maison Crunchy Chicken Burger
- Baked Lemon Blueberry Cheese Cake

Visit us with your friends and choose your favorite dishes!

Tasty Ice Cream

Cookie dough is a top favorite flavor amongst many of us! Try out Collage Tuk Tuk’s Edible Cookie Dough bowl, served with refreshing ice cream!

Fashion Classes

Discover your inner creativity and talent with our Fashion Classes held by Fashion designer Zahra Salmeh and learn how to draw, design, and create glamorous clothing and stylish accessories!

- Date: Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday starting April
- Time: 9AM - 11AM
- Fees: AED 1,500
- Ages: 15+ years

Endless Glow

Refine your skin and reactivate face radiance with Endermolift Facial Sculpting which activates the natural lipolysis process and is the only technique in the world capable of stimulating the natural production of hyaluronic acid without the use of injectable sources. Its benefits include:

- Immediate results; a healthy glowing complexion
- Provides natural lifting effect
- Fills in wrinkles and re-defines contours
- Increases collagen and elastin production in skin cells
- 100% natural, non-invasive, non-surgical

Don't forget to enjoy your complimentary 30 minutes session in our award winning Thalassotherapy Pool!

Tasty Dishes made by you!

Easy, delicious and quick to prepare recipes! Be your own chef and get our Lafeef Home Box to impress your family with savory and sweet items such as shawarma, butter chicken and more!

Now on Talabat!

Whether you crave healthy vegan options, delicious sweets or refreshing drinks, we will deliver it all to your door step right away! You can now order your favorite dish from Lafeef Restaurant and Collage Café through Talabat App!

Our favorite dishes for this month:

- Baked Seabass Fillet with Ratatouille from Lafeef Restaurant

- Cinnamon Rolls from Collage Café

Vibrant Summer Hair

If you want to add summer vibes to your color hue, take your inspiration straight from the beach — Embrace dark roots like never before or consider colorful roots for 2021’s hair color trend! This high-contrast look adds a touch of vibrancy to your summer hue in an unexpected way.

Do not forget to ask your favorite stylist to add any highlights or lowlights service & receive 15% discount highlighting service to brighten up your summer look!

A Wonder to the Taste Buds

Slightly sweet, 100% creamy, delicious! Try our Pink Pitaya Bowl and Smoothie from Collage Café’s beach menu, delivered right to your sunbed!

Benefits of Pitaya fruit:

- Rich in magnesium which helps increase energy
- High in fiber
- Good source of iron
- Rich in antioxidants
- Rich in vitamin B2
- Contains vitamin C

Great News!

Don’t miss the chance of getting 20% off on our 6 months or 1 year club memberships if you hold any of the below cards:

- Esaad
- Saada
- Waffer
- Fazaa

Register Now!

Heal your Muscles

We got a quick fix for you to recover and relax with Dalouk Wellness Spa’s Ice and Fire Muscle Therapy. This treatment combines deep tissue massage and cutting-edge localized cryotherapy which helps healing from sports injuries, relieving muscle fatigue, reviving muscles and relieving tension. Its benefits include:

- Stimulates muscle tissues
- Helps in fat burning
- Enhances memory and learning
- Helps fight aging
- Rejuvenates mind and body
- Increases blood flow and tissue repair
- Provides more blood volume to lungs and muscles
- Increases white blood cells that fight inflammation
Book now and get 1 free session when buying a package of 3 sessions

Don't forget to enjoy your complimentary 30 minutes session before your appointment in our award winning Thalassotherapy Pool!

New Menu Launches!

New flavors and combinations are essential for our taste-buds! Check out our latest menu items:

Treat your little one to a variety of delicious dishes from Collage Café and Skate Café Kids Menu like pizza, cheesy chicken nuggets, colored mac and cheese, fruit cup and more!

Choose from a variety of refreshing snacks from Collage Café Beach Menu like Tortilla Avocado Wrap, Fresh Coconut Juice, Acai Smoothie and more!

- Lafeef Summer Seasonal Menu: Welcome summer with new flavors and dishes including Cauliflower Bruschetta, Grilled Beef Medallion, Baked Lemon Blueberry Cheese Cake and more